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That's Funny!

Q. How many fishermen does it take to change a light bulb?
A. One, but you should have seen the bulb, it must have been THIS big.

A man was fishing in the jungle. After a while another angler came to join him. "Have you had any bites?" asked the second man. "Yes, lots," replied the first one, "but they were all mosquitoes."

Playing Hooky

The priest was a fisherman, but he hadn't fished in months. One perfect Sunday morning he couldn't resist. He called up the Bishop and claimed he had laryngitis. The priest then headed out to his favorite fishing spot. The hook hadn't been in the water five minutes before he got a strike, and landed the biggest fish he had ever caught--although he had seen bigger ones. A half hour later he caught the biggest fish he had ever seen. Another forty-five minutes later he landed a fish that broke the world record. All this time Saint Peter and God had been watching the priest from heaven. Saint Peter turned to God and said, "How can you reward this priest? He lied. He let down his congregation." God smiled at Saint Peter and replied, "I am punishing him." Saint Peter was confused, so God continued, "Well after he finishes, who can he tell his fish story to?"

Policies and Prices

For Your Information ...

In 2009 we were recognized as a "Live Release" outfitter by the Atlantic Salmon Federation. It is a commitment many Outfitters are making in the industry and we plan to up hold this designation to help preserve and protect wild salmon stocks. If you have any questions regarding this policy please feel free to ask. We encourage membership in conservation groups such as MSA and ASF.

2017 Reservation Policies

We require a 35% deposit to secure your reservation. Balance in full is payable 21 days prior to arrival.  NB fishing license will be purchased upon arrival.  We accept cash, cheques, money orders, Visa, Mastercard or E-Transfer (Contact us to arrange payment details).

Corporate clients are welcome. Companies are discovering we offer a great atmosphere for team building and casual meetings.

Our rates are quoted in Canadian dollars per person. Sales tax (HST) in New Brunswick of 15% is applicable on all quotes. Mail in GST (5%) rebate for non Canadian residents may apply.

We recommend travel insurance to protect your investment.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a day-rate currency converter from CAD into your currency of choice.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits will be refunded up to 90 days before arrival, less a 10% service charge. At the discretion of the outfitter deposits may be transferable more than 90 days prior to scheduled arrival.

2017 Rates

European Plan* - ( Based on double occupancy** )

April, July, Sept, Oct (per person)

2 Days - $850
3 Days - $1150
5 Days.  $1675
6 Days.  $1920

*European Plan includes your stay, and housekeeping.  Meals are not included.
**Double Occupancy rates are per person based on a 2 person minimum.

June and August (per person)

2 Days - $650
3 Days - $850
5 Days - $1275
6 Days - $1450

Single person add 25%

Non-Fishing Guests are $175.00 per day


American Plan (Meals Included) Available.  Please Enquire

** Gratuities not included in rates. Alcohol not included in any plan.

We are dog friendly.

$50 per day per dog.

Please note: Dogs MUST be accompanied at all time on the property or in the cabins. Crates are required if unsupervised.  Dogs are not permitted on cabin furniture or beds. Additional $50 per day cleaning fee will otherwise be charged.

Equipment Rental Rates

Full Rod and Reel Setups - $40 / Daily or $200 / Weekly
(Includes backing, line and leader)

Waders - $30 / Daily or $150 / Weekly

Cabin Rentals - (based on availability) Starting at $150 per night

Canoe Trip

(Camp to Footbridge - Approximate 2 hour run)

2 people required - $50 per person.